T9Hacks Live


CU Students (all campuses)

Connect to the “UCB Wireless” wireless network. Open a web browser. Login with your CU Identikey and password. Click Agree to the terms and service.

Non-CU Students

Connect to the “UCB Guest” wireless network. Open a web browser. Click Agree to the terms and service.


To formalize your group, you will need to create a project on ​Devpost​ under the T9Hacks’ hackathon and include all your team members. If you are unfamiliar with devpost, follow these steps:

  1. You and your team must create accounts on Devpost​. If you already have an account, make sure you're logged-in.
  2. Go to the ​T9Hacks Hackathon​ page. "Register" for the hackathon.
  3. One person in your team should ​create a project​. Fill out all the information about your project. Then, when prompted, click "Submit to a hackathon". Find the T9Hacks Spring 2018 hackathon page and submit to our hackathon. This is also where you submit your project for judging.
  4. After you have successfully submitted your project, click “​+ add team members​” to add all members of your group to your project.

Social Media


We encourage you to use Slack to collaborate with other teams, contact the coordinators, and connect with mentors.

If you have a @colorado.edu email, you can signup for slack automatically. If you are using another email, request to join slack and someone from the T9 team will approve your request.

Deciding on a Project

T9Hacks encourages you to work on projects that inspire you. Our theme this year is "Helping the Community". We have compiled some resources that might help your team create projects that begin to solve real world problems.

Data Sets

Sometimes great things can be done by organizing a little data. Here are some websites and institutions that offer publically available data sets.

Competitions and Projects

We want to see your projects live beyond the scope of the hackathon. Here are some organizations that are planning competitions or need people like to you build awesome projects that help their communities.