T9hacks will have three tracks students can compete in. These tracks offer different learning opportunities. We encourage you to read through each track before deciding which one to participate in! You can only submit your project to one track to be eligible for prizes.

Last year's projects:


Our entrepreneurship track allows students to venture into the business world and develop profitable ideas. Students can use any technology they would like for their new product. Instead of multiple boardroom meetings and months of preparation, entrepreneurs get to sit down for 24-hours and work on their original business idea.

Check out our list of workshop to see which ones could help start your new project.

Creative Technology

We encourage students to build projects in areas such as graphic design, data visualization, 3D modeling, simulation, game design, motion graphics, animation, video, narrative media, robotics, physical computing, the Internet of Things, interactive environment design, experience design, digital sound, web design and development, mobile application design and user-experience/user-interface.

We will be hosting workshops on Beginner and Advanced Web Development and Beginner iOS development Development for this track.


These projects involve leveraging technology to address human need. Projects in this track must achieve a balance between technology and societal need. We understand that we can't solve the world's problems with a 24-hour hackathon, so participants in this track will work towards learning and utilizing tools that people in development work use.

Projects in this track are encouraged to build projects from the set of D-Prize Challenges.

Deciding on a Project

T9Hacks encourages you to work on projects that inspire you. Our theme this year is "Helping the Community". We have compiled some resources that might help your team create projects that begin to solve real world problems.

Data Sets

Sometimes great things can be done by organizing a little data. Here are some websites and institutions that offer publically available data sets.

Competitions and Projects

We want to see your projects live beyond the scope of the hackathon. Here are some organizations that are planning competitions or need people like to you build awesome projects that help their communities.