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Photo of Brittany Ann Kos

Brittany Ann Kos

Photo of Jessie Albarian

Jessie Albarian

Photo of Aileen Pierce

Aileen Pierce

Photo of Michael Swisher

Michael Swisher

Photo of Zach Lamb

Zach Lamb

Photo of Susie Gomez

Susie Gomez

Photo of Keren Megory-Cohen

Keren Megory-Cohen

Photo of Alex Kessock

Alex Kessock

Photo of Chris Bopp

Chris Bopp

Photo of Kelly Linehan

Kelly Linehan

Great job finding the hidden link!
For the next step, you and your team must be in sync.

Write a letter to the girl who speaks.
List the names of your team and one thing each of you have learned.
If you want to be the winner that she seeks,
write something sincere or else you will be returned.